HVAC Duct Cleaning in New Jersey


HVAC ducts come in a wide variety of styles and materials and it takes a professional duct cleaning service to have the skills and expertise to clean them all. Far and away the most widely used material is galvanized steel which can be lined with a layer of fiberglass for insulation purposes. Sheet metal is a popular choice when it comes to HVAC ducts because of its durability and the fact that it can be shaped to fit with the design of any custom building. Metal is also a popular choice for ducts because it’s pretty obvious when they need to be cleaned. All sorts of impurities can get sucked into a residential or commercial ventilation systems and it can collect in the ducts. A professional duct cleaning service in Union, NJ can clear out the inside of a HVAC system so it’s bright, shiny and dust free.

Flexible ducts are another type used in ventilation systems because they are easier to install and, as the name suggests, can be flexed into a variety of shapes. Flexible ducts are usually composed of a coil of metal wire with a pliable plastic wrapped around the outside forming a tube. Some of the outer materials used in flexible duct work are even breathable to discourage the buildup of condensation and moisture which can open the door for mold, fungus or any other biological spore to start growing. Cleaning a flexible ductwork system requires a skilled duct cleaning professional as the plastic lining of the ducts can easily be punctured by a careless cleaner.

NJ Duct Cleaning has years of experience cleaning all types of HVAC duct and ventilation systems in both commercial buildings and residential homes. There are special vacuums and cleaning supplies utilized by professional duct cleaners which are not available to the general public so hiring an expert is the only way to ensure your ducts are spotless and the air you’re breathing is clean as can be. Call NJ Duct Cleaning today to schedule a consultation with one of the HVAC cleaning specialists!