Dryer Vent Cleaning in New Jersey

Most people clean the lint catcher out of their dryer every so often and call it good. However, lint is a pesky little problem as it can pile up and create a serious hazard. Thousands of dryer fires are started every year when excess lint in the dryer vent obstructs airflow. Lint is incredibly flammable and it is actually used by some as a fire starter. Obviously you wouldn’t want your dryer full of something that can start a fire so call NJ Duct Cleaning today for a full service dryer cleaning along with a thorough scrubbing of your home’s HVAC system. Help keep your family out of harm’s way with professional dryer vent cleaning services from NJ Duct Cleaning.

NJ Duct Cleaning has the experience and equipment to clean your dryer vent completely. Those who try to clean a vent on their own may not realize how tricky lint can be. It sticks to anything and you definitely don’t want to breathe it in. There are various do it yourself dryer lint removal kits but they are no substitute for a real dryer vent cleaning professional. How often someone cleans their dryer vent depends on how often a dryer is used and for what. A family with regular laundry usage should consider having their dryer cleaning by a professional cleaning service at least once a year if not twice. Letting your dryer lint pile up too much is a serious hazard and should be taken care of immediately. If your dryer vent needs cleaning in Union, NJ, call NJ Duct Cleaning today!